Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Bean Tostada!

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Taking a Scentsy break tonight. It's a creative foodie kind of evening around here. I cooked up this AMAZING tostada and the roomie whipped up some of his famous stir fry. OMG was dinner ever tasty! This is currently my favorite thing I've ever created. Black beans, rotel, ground turkey on a toasted tortilla, what could go wrong? Not a darn thing. :)

So this idea came to me after making a bag of dried black beans today. They spent all day in the crock pot and I couldn't just bag them all up and freeze them. I had to have some! So I started going through my pantry and came across some Mexican-y flavors that mix well. My poor hamster had to get her lazy butt up and work that wheel tonight.

black beans, croc pot, dried beans, soak overnight, recipes

1. Fry up some ground turkey. I had two pre-made, frozen patties that I sauteed in 2T of oil.
2. I added one can of rotel, 1 1/2c black beans, 1/2c pureed black beans. I eyeballed some seasonings to my taste buds liking: garlic powder, s&p, curry, cumin, and chili powder.

turkey, ground turkey, black beans, beans, rotel, recipes, mexican
3. While all of that is sauteing, I heated my oven to 500 and toasted up some tortillas, just long enough to brown them on each side. Make sure you poke holes, with a fork, in the tortillas before putting them in the oven so that they won't get any bubbles.

tortillas, tostada, mexican, recipes

4. Last, I just spooned on the bean mixture, drizzled some ranch (my bad habit) and sprinkled with cilantro.

Let me know if you try this, I'm curious to see how others may change it up!