Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Resolutions

I swear December was only a week long! So much happened to me in 2013 that it was just a whirlwind. I became a Scentsy consultant in February, broke up with my fiance of 8 years in April, lost 80 lbs between January and September, lost one of my 2 jobs in April, took on my most trying child for work yet in July, bought a brand new car in my name (no cosigner!!) in September, and moved into an apartment on my own in October. Phew! This year may seem like vacation after all that.
I finally gained answers in 2013 to two years worth of questions. But now I have new questions for 2014, questions about me.

1) Grow as a person. I'm 25 and haven't been single since my sophomore year of high school. I don't know who I am as an individual, I've always had someone attached to care for and put first, be it my sister, boyfriend, or roommates. What do i enjoy doing? Am i really that shy and quiet or have i always just stood behind someone loud and boisterous? What's the single life about? I know I can handle it, but is it for me? Where do you meet people? I don't fall for the whole online dating scene. So one of my biggest goals for this year is to grow out of my shy comfort zone, leave my apartment, and get out and meet people. Both guys and new friends, I learned who my real friends are when I left my ex. People bring relationships and experiences, and I'm thinking I might not hate people so much if I met the right ones. All my relationships that have lasted, friend wise, have been ones I've personally made, not the ones I made through others, and I think that makes a difference.

2) Grow my Scentsy business. I've heard it takes 2-3 years to get ahead in any business. I've definitely got my money back from Scentsy, but now I want a steady income, even if its a small amount. This will tie into my first resolution- leaving my shyness behind and meeting new people. I also need to put more effort and some money into it than I did last year. Takes money to make money, right? My first step with this is to attend spring sprint in February!

3) Lose another 30 lbs, tone and tighten. After the first 80 kind of fell off, I'm hoping this won't be to hard. And I have 12 months to do this. Piece of cake...or no cake :(

4) Find a better paying, but enjoyable, job. This resolution depends on how 2) goes. If Scentsy grows well and I can count on a decent income, I'll have no need for another job. I love the girls I care for and would hate to give them up for money, but the truth is, medicaid doesn't pay me enough to care for these kids. And that's sad.

5) Travel. I want to go to at least 1 place this year that I've never been. And I say that broadly, like a new town/city/state, not a facility. My ex was a homebody, so if one of our families wasn't there, we didn't go. Which meant we always went home where our parents are, my extended family was to far for him, we saw them once in 8 years. Before him, and at the beginning of dating him when I didn't think it was serious, I seriously considered joining the military, just to travel. But I couldn't leave once I was with him. Now I'm in no shape to join and not sure I want to with our current government. But regardless, I have a massive travel bug that can finely stop itching.

This year is a whole new lifestyle for me, I plan to take advantage of it! New doors to open, new questions I haven't found yet, and hopefully a better, wiser me. I get to make mistakes with no one to catch me and fall back on, learn new things, do new things, and just grow. I love ya Drake, but no new friends isn't gonna cut it this year ;)

Have you set goals this year? Do you think they're realistic? Will they grow you as a person or grow your family?