Monday, September 23, 2013

Scentsy Fall/Winter 2013 Overview

Oh wow, guys! 3 weeks snuck by without me touching my computer and I have nothing to show for it. Always a day late and a dollar short, isn't that life for you?!

scentsy, fall winter 2013, scents, wickless candles, scentsy warmers, independent consultant
I wanted to do a several bigger posts for the new Scentsy Fall/Winter catalog but since we are already a month in, I'm gonna hit you with the highlights...or my favorites, anyway. Obviously, there's old warmers and scents returning, so you'll recognize those. If you missed my post about discontinued scents, click here.

scentsy, scents, heartbreaker, business casual, simply basil

Heartbreaker is new to the Romance line up. Its described as "rich woods, green juniper and a touch of tobacco". When I first read the description, I thought pipe tobacco. But when I smelled it, it smells like polo black (mens cologne), which is a familiar smell to me. Business casual is featured in the Scentsy Man section. It's "exotic cardamom, intriguing caraway, lively pepper, and fragrant woods with a powdery wisp of orange blossom". I LOVE the smell of cardamom, so this was a must get bar for me. Simply Basil is new to the Simply Scentsy line. It's just that, basil. It reminds me of my mom, my kitchen, and Italian food.

scentsy, holiday, scents, wickless candles
scentsy, fall & winter scents, scents, wickless candles

As this is the holiday season, these are going to be top sellers. Everyone wants their home to be comfy cozy with scents that evoke memories, and that's just what these do.

scentsy, warmers, fall winter 2013, wickless candles, lampshade, gallery, gallery frame, starry night, blue diamond, cream tulip
There are sooooo many new warmers, and everything is beautiful. These are my top picks. There are four different lampshade warmers, two colors in each shape I pictured above. They glow so bright! And add a touch of elegance that the other warmers don't seem to have. The Starry Night frame is one of three Van Goh frames that have been added, along with several other new styles, to the Gallery Collection.

What do you guys think? Do you like how the new line looks? Scentsy really stepped up the game with this catalog season...makes me curious as to what the spring line holds!