Sunday, August 11, 2013

Computer problems = short posts

It's been a good week since I've posted!! Sorry, my computer is being ugly and it's a pain to write on my phone. I just had a huge 'life happenings' update and when I answered a text it completely deleted it :(
So rather than fight my phone, I'll just keep it short. Until I can get the computer to play nice, watch my Facebook for my personal Scentsy sales and updates or my Scentsy site for shopping and corporate sales.

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I am still job and apartment hunting. Any pointers? If you're in Greenville, NC and know of any place hiring or asking cheap rent, help a girl out!
School starts back next week! Yes, I'm the nerd who's excited about school, lol. Finally getting around to finishing my bachelors, then I think I'll be done for awhile.
Until next time. Is there anything you would like to hear about from me??