Saturday, January 11, 2014

You got FREE what?!

I'm branching out into the survey market. Have you done online surveys? I haven't joined any that I get paid for. What's been your experience with paid survey companies? I'm all for freebies and I've found 3 super easy survey sites that handout product like candy on a parade firetruck!

1) Influenster- answer questions, give reviews, build your score. The higher your score the more products you'll receive. They give vox boxes randomly filled with content based on season, company, or your survey/review answers. *Btw that vox box link is a friend of mine, check her out!* But you have to check your email- opportunities on boxes are timed! I missed my first box opportunity by 2 hours :(

2) Crowdtap- this is lots of questions...I know, very time consuming. But the sponsors are not average freebie companies. Another point system earned by questions. I haven't actually received products because my points are low,  but my understanding is they offer either samples for review or enough product for a small party then you give feedback based on you and your friends experience using the product (think beer/liquor, hotels, food, juice, tampons).

3) GetItFree- just what it says. They post who's got what to sample, you add it to your cart, enter your shipping info, and get it free. Sometimes there's questions, sometimes you just have to check your email to confirm. They've got clothes, p&g brands (comes with questions when redeeming), appliances, food, healthcare, beauty products, etc. This one is super easy and fast!! Once you start applying for things and you wait the allotted shipping time, you should be getting things as often as daily if you're persistent in redeeming.

Also, watch Facebook. Several companies do Friday freebies for anyone who likes their Facebook page! Do you know other easy sites making these offers? What has been your experience?